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About Us

Since 2011, Man U Soccer Club has been finding and featuring some of the best players in the Inland Empire. From coaching them on the ins-and-outs of the sport to honing their athletic skills, we’re proud to teach not only the love of the game, but to also impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork and loyalty.

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Man U Soccer club was established for the specific purpose of developing a highly competitive youth soccer program in the Inland Empire & surrounding areas. One of the club’s main goals is to provide soccer programs and opportunities for players and staff at a local, regional and national level. The club is committed to developing players to their maximum potential and help prepare and educate them for the possibility of receiving college scholarships based on their playing ability and academic achievements.

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Club Philosophy

  1. Technical: A player’s individual technique on the ball and how it is applied to the demands of the game will be our focus.

  2. Tactical: Each player will be evaluated on how they carry out their individual and team tactics during the course of a game. More specifically how they adapt and adjust to the demands of the game.

  3. Physical: Each player will be evaluated by his or her speed/agility, strength/power, recovery and overall game fitness.

  4. Psychological: Each player will be observed on his or her soccer attitude on and off the field. i.e., preparation, motivation, emotions and wiliness to play and try different positions.

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Mission Statement

Man U Soccer Club is committed to teaching fundamental skills, instilling confidence and a love for the game in youth soccer players while continuing to develop those players to their highest potential through excellent qualified coaching and superior training in a positive environment.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Establish a culture and atmosphere where family values, sportsmanship, fair play, honesty, loyalty and (P.R.I.D.E) passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence are the foundation for Man U Soccer Club

  • Create and environment where players are developed to their fullest potential and have the best chance of self-actualization as citizens, students and athletes

  • Provide professional leadership, high quality coaching and instruction with an emphasis on life skills, game play fundamentals, clean living, good health and having fun.

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